A Thousand Word Pictures

Writing, developing and producing films that are raw - real - redemptive.

A production company  writing, developing and producing films that are raw, real and redemptive. 



written by: L.A. winters

Beautiful Goodbye is a completed  screenplay in development.  It is a  full  length drama  about a  woman dying from brain cancer who  tries to help her dysfunctional family change their self-defeating ways in the few days she has left.  This film speaks to the complexity of death with dignity issues, addiction and  forgiveness within family relationships. 
 Laurel  Walker decides to leverage her inevitable "goodbye"  to try to bring healing and hope to the complicated and long-broken relationships within her not-so-blended family.  She invites them to a three-day goodbye gathering at a rustic chalet in Pine Mountain, Georgia in hopes that facing one another and the reality of her death will lead to something beautiful...  I invite you to follow our journey to the making of this powerful story of hope that is raw, real and redemptive.  #yolo  #makeitcount 


written by: L.A. Winters

Get In Line is a full-length  feature dramedy  in the  works for future development.  A second coming- of-age film of a woman finding her identity and path in a whole new world of dating and female  empowerment. 
Cherae Taylor- Hollister was very happily married for 30 years when her older husband lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. Unaware of her effect on the men around her, some of her closest friends and co-workers have been secretly waiting for the day her dearly beloved would make her a legitimate catch again.  At the post-funeral reception, these eager suitors begin to realize they will all be in an awkward competition to win her heart.